Why Pay The Carriers More Than You Have To?

Why Pay The Carriers More Than You Have To?

Have you been trying to verify every shipping charge on your freight invoice?

At R P Logistics, Inc. we realize that is a time consuming heavy administrative burden. Freight carrier billing systems are prone to errors and those errors are draining profits from your company.

Transportation invoices are too complex for most accounts payable staff to evaluate and understand. Transportation companies have their owns accessorial fees, base rates, discounts, incentives, and ancillary charges. 

What is a free Freight Audit and how do we do it?

Freight auditing is the process by which we comb through your carrier invoices to find billing errors. Our experienced team examines each invoice, line item by line item for any recoverable charges. Once we identify these charges we reach out to the carrier on your behalf to reclaim that credit.

This service is done free of charge. Do not leave money on the table! Allow R P Logistics to boost your bottom line with a free freight bill audit. When you partner with R P Logistics we take away that administrative burden of managing your freight invoices from all your carriers.

With our single source customized invoicing our audit department combs through every carrier invoice for accuracy before you receive you receive a true and accurate invoice. Our experienced auditing team will reduce your administrative and shipping costs by ensuring each carrier invoice is correct.

Some of the typical billing mistakes we uncover are:

Invalid Classification Charges

Incorrectly Assessed Tariffs

Duplicate Charges

Service Level Failures

Invalid Accessorial Charges

Get A Free in Depth Freight Audit.
Stop paying the carrier more than you have to!

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