Managing inventory, orders, shipping, transportation, the warehouse, and just about everything else

Managing inventory, orders, shipping, transportation, the warehouse, and just about everything else

Finely tuning your supply chain

At R P Logistics, our goal is to understand your business and provide logistical solutions in an effort to solve your companies challenges. Our process begins with getting to know your organization and how you manage your current logistics function.

Through an innovative assessment of your requirements, we will custom design a program that will help decrease transportation costs, increase fill-rates and allow you to respond to changes in customer demand.

Our knowledgeable logistics experts will integrate your departments  and streamline your business. We will work as your partner to provide supply chain planning and strategic recommendations to give you an increased competitive advantage in your market.

See all the benefits R P Logistics can provide to the various departments of your company with optimizing logistics solutions.

Purchasing - Improve Visibility and Control Cost

  • Vendor routing with shipment planning & execution from pickup to delivery
  • Complete control & visibility
  • Active tracking data on inbound shipments
  • Provide vendors the proper documentation for scheduling purposes
  • Internal tracking of shipments using PO or job numbers

Shipping - Improve shipping operations

  • Comprehensive visibility for all shipment regardless of carrier
  • Single source carrier selection
  • Carrier pricing updated with access to all carrier added services
  • Pain free carrier claims mitigated and settled in a timely manner
  • Access to multiple shipping modes
  • Correct commodity and class coding

Sales - Increase sales with efficient value driven logistics solutions

  • Accurate ability to plan cost of freight prior to shipping
  • Access to various shipping solutions based on customers needs
  • Track shipments and proactively address shipping issues prior to delivery
  • Best of class carriers
  • At time of quoting build in profit margin

Finance - Controlling freight costs and assuring accurate financial reporting

  • Single source invoicing regardless of carrier
  • Easy and timely resolution on invoice issues
  • Auditing of carrier invoice for 100% accuracy
  • Elimation of frivolous carrier charges
  • Ensuring least cost carrier selection

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