Get more from your LTL

Get more from your LTL

Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping

Less-Than-Truckload shipping is a complex process that needs to be managed with precision and peace of mind. At R P Logistics we realize the complexities with shipping LTL and that is why we have highly trained experts who understand this segment of the transportation industry. Figuring out how to optimize modes, carriers and service levels for LTL freight shipments can be a big challenge. Combine this with the tedious manual work of carrier selections and the endless paperwork for bills of lading (BOL’s); LTL freight becomes a handful to manage.

Our freight experts make precise decisions in choosing the best LTL carrier that meets the needs of every individual shipment. With our strong carrier best of class LTL network we have coverage that services domestic North America. R P Logistics will oversee all functions involved in every LTL shipment.

Our goal is to make sure every LTL shipment arrives free and clear of damages, on time, and most importantly with thorough freight invoice auditing that eliminates frivolous accessorial fees and incorrect NMFC class corrections.  

R P Logistics Solutions can provide

Aggressive LTL pricing

Super-fast volume LTL quotes

Expedited LTL service options

Management of inbound routing from vendors

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